Adriana Lee is shocked at how easy it’s been to stay in touch with her therapist through the thick of things. She’d been seeing amazing results for nearly a year, and hasn’t missed a beat during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Not only has she been able to stay in touch with her therapist online, but Adriana discovered that telehealth services were covered through her insurance provider! She hopped on Instagram to share her story:

“Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of your health.

We’re all doing our part by social distancing to keep those who are more vulnerable safe. But what about you and your health? Both mental and physical?

I started seeing an amazing therapist who also happens to be my friend about a year ago. She offers EMDR and I felt really great working with her. Since she spent a lot of her time traveling, we ended up doing the majority of our sessions online. At first I was skeptical about whether or not that would still work, but you know what, I saw amazing results. It was a huge game changer for me. 

Right now all around the country, there are amazing healthcare professionals moving their practices online so that even when you can’t go into an office, you can still get treatment. 

Whether it’s seeing a therapist offering sessions over the phone or seeing a physical therapist using video chats, there are telehealth services available through your insurance coverage that can help you stay home and stay safe while tending to your health!”