Ashley Garret is the proprietor of Magic and Marathons in Multicolor, and she’s bringing her witty quips to Instagram for a critical message on mental health.

Ashley believes “that the brightest colors are the prettiest, magic is for any age, and the strongest athlete is yourself.” It’s no shock that someone with so much confidence stays on top of her mental health game. Recently, the “Disney Girlie” voiced the benefits of telehealth during quarantine.

“Ring,ring! Self care isn’t cancelled and your health is calling you to prioritize it now more than ever. Telemedicine is available for so many needs whether it’s mental health or physical therapy.

I’ve had two psychiatrist appointments through an app on my phone and I don’t think I’ll go back to an office, even when it’s safe to do so. I found out about my telemedicine options through my insurance provider’s website and I also found out it would cost me $0.

The convenience, peace of mind, and much more affordable co-pay made me glad I researched a little more for my healthcare options during this trying time. If you need or want to get professional medical advice, but are uncomfortable going to a physical office, please seek out telemedicine options. I’ve had a great experience and have successfully gotten the prescriptions I need as well. Stay healthy!”