Content creator Tiffany Regalado is ecstatic about telehealth. Via the process, which she defines as “efficient, timely and without waiting rooms,” the expectant mother was able to get in touch with her baby’s pediatrician with ease. In fact, in a post to her Instagram feed, Tiffany says she got in touch with multiple doctors through a process that felt more personable than ever. Take a look:

“SUCH A GREAT DAY!!! We found the baby’s pediatrician via TELECONFERENCE!

We actually met with multiple doctors and it felt more personable than it ever has. One we FaceTimed, but some of the others had their own software and it was awesome. Efficient, timely and no waiting rooms, actually, no waiting at all.

Telehealth services are available for so many needs! Counselors, therapists, doctors, and healthcare professionals are stepping up to take their talents and specialities online so they can continue to support people during this time. AND I AM HERE FOR IT!

Be sure to check with your insurance provider to ask about Telehealth services. You will love this new experience! And, so many providers have expanded their coverage during these times to help folks get to the doctor from home. Take a few minutes to see if your provider covers this option!”