Psych Hub houses a vast repository of educational resources related to mental health. The website covers everything from substance abuse to suicide prevention topics around the world. But we’re in a new era of self care, and more resources are required than ever before. That’s why Psych Hub is partnering with AHIP and other key organizations to expand their resources in a vast, online “Research Hub”.

In a statement on the recently announced partnership, Matt Eyles, president and CEO of AHIP, said, “Overcoming the COVID-19 crisis requires a far-reaching and coordinated response. We are proud and honored to join other health care leaders and mental health experts in our partnership with Psych Hub. By sharing resources and learnings, we expand health insurance providers’ decisive actions to help patients and support their overall health by connecting them with valuable resources.”

The partnership will bolster Psych Hub’s COVID-19 “Research Hub,” a free package of mental health resources that continues to expand during this crisis. Speaking of the new partnership, Marjorie Morrison, president and CEO of Psych Hub, said, “Psych Hub is honored to stand alongside this impressive group of organizations and companies to bring trustworthy, evidence-based resources to our nation during these trying times. The mental health implications of the COVID-19 pandemic are serious and will be long-lasting, so it’s imperative that we get ahead of this crisis and prioritize prevention and early intervention care when possible.”

More than 20 advocacy nonprofits, health insurance providers, and public and private sector leaders will join the effort alongside AHIP to form the Resource Hub coalition. You can read more about how the Resource Hub will bring free mental health resources to all who need them here.