It’s also true that physical and mental health are interconnected, and according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), “people with depression have a 40% higher risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases than the general population.”

That’s why providers such as Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield of California, Cambia Health Solutions and Centene Corporation are among those teaming up to make mental health care available, accessible, and affordable. From America’s Health Insurance Providers (AHIP), here’s how insurers are collaborating and innovating for mental health:

Through its Resilience in School Environments (RISE) initiative, Kaiser Permanente – along with partners Discovery Education and Alliance for a Healthier Generation – is providing training and resources for teachers and administrators in schools around the country to help them combat stress and anxiety for students and staff alike.

A 2019 study from the PEW Research Center found 70% of U.S. teens identified anxiety and depression as major problems among their peers. Blue Shield of California launched its BlueSky program to provide mental health awareness and resources to schools in California, focusing on middle and high school-aged children.

Health insurance providers including Cambia Health Solutions and Centene Corporation are making investments in Quartet, a healthcare technology company that connects with primary care providers to match patients to in-person or virtual mental health resources depending on their needs.

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