Whether we like it or not, there may indeed be a “new normal” on the other side of COVID-19. For Mommy Blogger Ashely Newton, that doesn’t mean we have to be fearful or stop doing things we once did, it just means we may have to alter the way we do those things.

Fortunately, healthcare will be among the easiest of our “new normal” transitions. In fact, Ashley took to Instagram to share with her followers just how accommodating her health insurance provider has already been, even in the thick of this pandemic.

“Healthcare workers are doing everything humanly possible to keep us safe, but nowadays, even a routine visit to the pediatrician was scary for me.

Living in this “new normal” may require us to make drastic changes in our lives, but this doesn’t mean the state of our health remains at a standstill. We still need check-ups, we still get hurt, we still get sick.

This uncertain time is affecting the mental health of many, including myself. This is why I am so grateful for the modern-day resources we have. Televisits with your healthcare provider can help ensure your needs are met, while also keeping everyone safe. Please, do not forget about yourself! YOUR health is STILL important!

We will make it through this. One day, we will get to leave our homes without fear of human contact. One day, it will all be okay. Head over to @better_care_america to learn more about how you can stay healthy for you, and your loved ones!”