Medical student Brooklynne has built a brand around providing sound health advice. While she often promotes the benefits of plant-based living, she’s switching things to discuss wellbeing in the form of healthcare.

“The wellbeing of others, especially the most vulnerable populations, is my priority.

During my journey in becoming a healthcare professional, I remember the sadness I felt learning about the lack of accessibility to medicine that SO many face – and the pandemic is shedding extra light on these disparities. The scale and complexity of the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented and have hit many populations hard – especially Black, Latinx, and many communities of color with a high number of people who entered the crisis uninsured.

When you stay safe, when you proceed with caution, you are NOT ONLY helping yourself and loved ones, but you are playing a much-needed role to help those with limited resources to get the care they need. Healthcare and insurance is a very complex issue, so I urge y’all to remember that not everyone has the same medical access in the event they catch the virus. In order to learn more about options available to you and your family, check out @better_care_america”