“Closer to you in this new world of Social Distancing.
While it’s not fun to postpone birthday parties, cancel travel plans, and navigate the new reality of remote work, these are the little things that are adding up to one big thing! We are all affected by this social distancing in one way or another. Some of us didn’t even realize the impact on us while fighting through it already in our mind and even physically. It is so important we take actions to take care of us mentally and physically during this tough time. Staying positive, being active, taking time to connect & reflect, and making a daily routine for yourself may help you on your self care journey to start with. On a more serious note, you should ensure you have access to resources like health insurance, telehealth coverage, etc. in case you do get sick! In order to learn more about healthcare options available to you and your family, check out @better_care_america #HumansOfNy”