Tiffany Shannel is a nurse who knows COVID-19 as well as anyone. She’s fought the virus face-to-face on the frontlines, but, like most of us, she still wants to feel “normal” this summer. So, she’s lending her followers some handy health advice as an expert on dodging Coronavirus. Take a look:

“I can tell you, from experience on the frontlines, that COVID-19 is real and is hitting Latinos and African Americans at alarming rates. I, for one, am still trying to enjoy my summer, but within reason. If you are too, make sure you are keeping your social distance, taking vitamins and immune support supplements, using your face mask, and wearing it over your nose for better protection. Sanitizing your hands after leaving the store or any place where you’ve been touching items. Washing your hands and taking off outdoor clothing when you finally get home. Make sure you are regularly mopping with cleaning products such as bleach. I say all this because as a lot of states start to open up, the number of cases will begin to rise; in fact, it’s starting to rise in some states already. Please stay informed and take necessary precautions to continue to stay healthy.”