Christian is here to point out the good news: right now telehealth services are drastically expanding, and, odds are, the whole family can visit the doc without leaving the living room.

Bringing her two kids to the doctor’s office has never been fun, not for the mommy blogger or her two boys. But more recently, Christian has been able to use her expanded telehealth coverage to check off those visits without tacking on the drama. Take a look:

“Ring ring ring….hello doc!

Can we just take a second to appreciate the amazing technologies we have in 2020! As a kid I would have never imagined being able to call or video chat my doctor to be seen when I wasn’t feeling good. Five year old me would have been ecstatic..a little bummed about not getting the lollipop, but stoked for no shots!

Telehealth has been a lifesaver for our family. Bringing two kids into a doctors office is never fun! Telehealth allows my family to get the medical attention they need without always having to leave our home!

Telehealth services are available through your insurance coverage! Call your insurance today to find out more and to start receiving services today!

Has your family used telehealth services before? What did you think?”