In the mind of entrepreneur and author Meeta Vengapally, we should be adopting virtual changes well beyond the workplace. While so much is changing around us, we need to be agile and ready to adapt to what’s next. When it comes to healthcare, doctors and practitioners have done a great job of adjusting to changes in patient demand. According to Meeta, virtual services like telehealth aren’t just a new way of doing things, they’re actually better.

“Quarantine but make it healthy! New times call for new methods. We are all trapped at home, and our well-being is more important now than ever. While we may not have accessibility to “physical” medical offices due to the pandemic, we are still in the best place to adapt to new ways that get us to the same level of — if not better — care.

Change is hard but ignorance is worse. Given the circumstances, we must make our well-being a priority with new ways to care. If we can transfer our entire workforce on zoom, we can definitely conquer the same with medical and mental health.

Doctors & practitioners around the country are offering telehealth services to ensure care is still their #1 priority in the midst of a global crisis. Whether its medical or mental health, the care is there just in a new and better way. There are enough accredited providers around you who are providing excellent care and support and keeping our country healthy.”