That’s the message that Bahati has for her Instagram followers. She’s doing her best to enjoy her summer, but she’s also doing so safely. She’s sharing how she plans to keep her distance and lending some options for us all to stay COVID-free.

“Kicked off the first day of summer with a social distance picnic with my boys! 🌳
#ad There’s so much I pictured doing with my lil guy, but you know Rona came in and flipped all our summer plans. In ATL, things are kinda-ish getting back – with businesses and restaurants opening up, but there’s still a whole “new normal” to figure out. Until that happens, best thing to do is stay informed and do what’s appropriate to be safe. So for us, that’s limiting interactions, planning more social distancing dates, and building our immune systems to #flattenthecurve. While we all continue to distance, try looking into telehealth options available to you. Staying inside does not have to mean you can’t see your doctor!

Please continue to do your part to keep our communities safe. Go check out @better_care_america to learn more about how to keep you and your family healthy.”