COVID-19 has forced everyone to adapt, and that doesn’t just mean people. Corporations, governments and communities alike are all turning on a dime to meet a new reality. Patrice Nicole is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and she wants her followers to know that amidst the chaos their healthcare coverage is probably adapting too.

“With all that’s going on, I’m really enjoying spending time in the peaceful and scenic outdoors! These moments give me time to meditate privately to the sounds around me, which is so rejuvenating for my mental health! However, many people are stuck indoors and don’t have this same opportunity to decompress. Remember to take time to look into the best options for your own health. Did you know that many healthcare providers have expanded telehealth options so that you can access the resources you need from your own home? If you want to look into healthcare options regarding mental health or overall wellness, check out @better_care_america to learn more!”