You might be surprised at how much your health insurance is expanding during this pandemic. For Lali, a motorcycle enthusiast working towards her PhD, she’s able to utilize a variety of free, online telehealth options provided by her school.

She has a massive following on Instagram, and she used her feed to share her own thoughts on maintaining mental health in quarantine, and to encourage everyone to know their options. Take a look.

“This pandemic we’re facing is a reality, but we’re doing our part to prevent transmission in our communities!

In a time when it’s so important to think of how our movements can
impact others, it’s also easy to forget that we need to take care of our physical and mental health also.

All around the country there are incredible healthcare professionals
stepping up to take their talents and specialties online so that they can
continue to support people during a time when going into a physical
office isn’t possible.

From therapists offering sessions over the phone to physical therapists
using video chats to help their routine patients there are telehealth
services available through your insurance coverage that can help you.

If you’re a student like me your school probably offers online telehealth services for free and this includes virtual doctor visits and counseling sessions. So take care of yourself and stay healthy…and keep studying of course! 😁❤️”